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Task 1.4: Building websites practise

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There are plenty of online tutorials (W3Schools is especial concise and useful) but I’m the kind that prefers a good book in my hands when learning things so instead I used (mainly) a brilliant book to practise building my first website. Here I screenshot my efforts.

Me coding my first webpage in Dreamweaver. I’m discovering new things every second.

Messing around with basic Javascript.

My first webpage/home page. Pictures link at the top (in the navigations bar) is grey because my mouse (invisible when you take a screenshot) is hovering over it.

The rest of the page of my first webpage. I added a top of page button that actually works! Clicking on the WordPress or Blogger also takes you to either one of my blogs. Gone a bit link mad here.

Upon clicking on one of the pictures links it takes you to this page.

Click on one the, yep you guessed it, videos links and it takes you to this page.


The HTML code I typed to create this simple website (home page):

Before this would have all looked too intimidating and nonsensical to me but now thankfully it doesn’t.


Now time to show the CSS code I typed to style my site:

It’s shorter than the HTML document but it does tremendous things.


Author: Danwen

I'm British Chinese. I like games, anime, football, comedy, graphic novels, Buddhism and other things.

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