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  1. You don’t need to repeatedly write the same styling code over and over again. It keeps styling and layout code separated and organised.
  2. <a> it’s used to insert links.
  3. <a> stands for anchor.
  4. CSS is placed in the <head> tag of a HTML document.
  5. CSS is written like this p {font-size:18px}. The selector (p) comes first and defines the element that the style (the declaration with is font size in this case) will be applied to.
  6. Nesting means to apply more elements onto elements: a bit like putting your shopping (the content between tags) into a bag (tags) and then another and so on. The Elements should be nested like this: <p><i><b>I love tags</b></i></p>. With the elements mirroring each other.
  7. XHTML is a much stricter version of HTML, so XHTML code would be more compatible and less with more browsers (which is why people use it over HTML at times).
  8. All opened tags must be closed. All tags must be written in the lowercase.

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