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Website Testing Report

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W3C Validation:


Spelling and Grammar (my number one foe):

  • Home page slide has spelling errors. (fixed)
  • Missing Capitals on Address (fixed)

Links (NAV): 

  • Home (yes)
  • Illness (yes)
  • Find Us (yes)
  • Products (yes)
  • Form (yes)
  • Drop-down links (yes)
  • Hover (yes)
  • Illness picture menu (yes)

Other Links: 

  • PDF links: needs to open in a new tab (fixed)
  • Image thumbnail (good)


  • Image placement (good)
  • Header/ footer placement (good)
  • Content placement (good)
  • Margins (good)
  • Text Alignment (good)


  • Image loading time (too slow: fixed)
  • Slider cycle (too fast: fixed)

Browser Testing:

  • Firefox (works)
  • Safari (works)
  • IE9 (works)

User Testing (results):

  •  Most people found it easy to find their desired illness even without a search bar.
  • When asked about the clinic’s address everyone replied they knew where it was and how to get there (thank goodness for google maps).
  • They all found it easy to send my client an email.
  • Most people found the product ‘Acne Getaway’ on the website easily.
  • All found the slider easy to navigate and the text contained in it easy to read.
  • Most found the slider speed just right with a few that complained it was too fast (which is alright since they can navigate back easily, is about striking a balance between readability and showcasing images).
  • Everyone found the site’s overall loading speed fast.
  • Those who took the survey were on a laptop or a mac and the majority were browsering with google chrome.

Device Testing:

  • Ipad (version test: 3rd generation): every design aspect is present; every test above applies and as a neat bonus the slider works with finger flicks. Everything loads pretty fast as well.
  • Iphone (version tested: 4s): same with Ipad, surprisingly the smaller size actually makes the website look sharper and navigation is relatively easy espeacially compared. Only downside is that the slider is harder to navigate when zoomed in.
  • PS Vita: works well as well even moves with the back touch screen. Slider is slightly harder to navigate on the vita but everything else works well and most importantly, looks how I intended it to look!

Author: Danwen

I'm British Chinese. I like games, anime, football, comedy, graphic novels, Buddhism and other things.

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